Hotel Ware

Hotel ware
New Soup Cup & Rectangular Dish

Hotel ware
White 4.5 inch Soup Bowl, C+S Melody set, Small Fish Ball

Triangular Fruit Bowl
15.5, & 20 cm

Tooth Pick Holder, Square Dish

Tea, CoffeePot 1200,800,400ml, SugarPot 320,160

Tea Cup & Saucer-Novelty Square

Tea Bag Holder & Tea Bag Tray

Square Platter- 36, 31cm

Square- 26.5cm Dinner & 19cm Dessert Plate

SoupTureen Decent-2800ml, Square-2100ml & G.Boat

Soup Cup with double handle & without handle, Soup

Souffle Bowl- Handled 25, 19cm & Biscuit Tray

Souffle Bowl [19,17,14cm]

Rectangular Platter- 35x21.5cm, 31x18.5cm, 25x14cm

Ripple Tea Cup & Saucer, 30.5cm Platter
26.5cm Dinner Plate

Shampan Lenth 23.5 cm Width 15 cm Hight 6 cm

Sauce Set [4pcs], Salt & Pepper Shaker Set [3pcs]

Salad-Fruit Boat 18cm

Rectangular Platter- 35x21.5cm, 31x18.5cm, 25x14cm

Rectangular Dish [17x10.5cm]

Oval Salad Bowl [23, 18.5cm]

Oval Platter- 28, 30.5, 35.5, 41cm

Oval Platter-23, 25cm,

Oval handaled Dish [25, 23cm]

New Square Tea Set

New Square Soup-Fruit Bowl [14cm x14cm]

New Square 31.5cm Dinner Plate

Morning Tea Set

Monalisa Tea Cup & Saucer

Ice Cream Cup

Flower Vase-Sonargaon,
Lotus, B.Shape[small], Garlic

Egg Cup with Saucer

Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 200ml

Butter Bowl [Big & Small]

Bowl 25.5, 23, 18, 16.5, 14cm

Gravy Boat

26.5cm Dinner Plate

22.0cm Soup/Pasta Plate

Pasta Plate 30.5cm

19cm Dessert Plate, 16.5cm Bread & Butter Plate